Wisdom Writings~~ Drop Down into Your Heart

The expansion of the view of life is a task that can bring great satisfaction and fulfillment.  Viewing a reality that seems not to exist can create havoc in the mind; yet, that is where the undesired reality lives.  So now allow the mind to throw its fit and sink into your heart.  Allow that view, that perspective to grow and enhance it with color, sound, and the loving emotions of joy, pleasure and grace.

We find you “out of sorts” on many days.  Know that the evolution has tightened and those things that are out of sync are becoming prominent.  Allow them to be and again we say drop down into your heart.  Allow the “self” of the heart to speak to you, to take the actions, to see the world.

It is a time of great courage, yet great joy and bliss are pushing forward–growing so fully like a bud of a flower moments before it opens fully.

You are at the right place and at the right time.  You are right on track as are all around you.  Though your mind tells you otherwise, all is going extremely well……extremely well.    Again we say drop down into your heart, send out loving waves of energy as far as you can see.  Rest well, knowing all is going well.  All is blessed and all is heading to bliss.

Enjoy today.  Give your mind and management the day off.  Drop down, dear one, into your heart.


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