Your Trance for Transformation

We will lead your fingers to the keys and do the best you can to keep your eyes closed at this time. This is a new skill and will need to be learned much like riding a bike.

Our messages have been waiting to be heard by so many, and the time is getting closer for you to spread the messages.  For now you are here to go in, go deep and truly discover the magic, the joy, the light within that is ever ready to shine; ever present to fill you with such joy, goodness and grace; the light of God of all that is.  The light that fills each and every soul that you see and connect with.  That light is your beacon, is your signal, is your trance for transformation.  That light is for you to feel, see and embody, for it is who you are.  Turn up the radiance much like the switch plate in a dining room, turn it up so you can fully beam the goodness that is truly you to all.  As you beam your goodness, it will naturally come forth in others as they too wish to feel and know their light.

As you sit in the group on Saturday, shine your light as bright as possible. Just sit and shine, you will be pleased.  See the light in all of those in your household and imagine the light growing so as to see your house illuminated much like it was filled with Christmas lights.

We are so delighted to feel our connection, to speak through you and to grace your goodness.  We love you deeply.

Janet’s note:  When I started doing this form of writing, I always wrote it in longhand and then transcribed it to the computer.  I have been “urged” to sit at the computer and do the writing. This was my first writing using that delivery style.  Also, on Saturday, I am going to see Abraham for the first time and love the guidance I was sent.  I send so much love to all of you!!

If you ever have a question or guidance that you would like for me to “channel” to the Wisdom Writings, please let me know by posting a comment or connect with me on facebook.


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1 Response to Your Trance for Transformation

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Hi Janet – I would love you to ask them what I need to do to have a breakthrough in raising funds for Game for the World. Thanks and Love, Anne


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