What Do I Do to Have a Breakthrough in Raising Money?

This is a special edition of Wisdom Writings.  One of our readers submitted the following question:  What do I need to do to have a breakthrough in raising funds for Game for the World?   Here is the reply: 

We hear you and have heard you for many months now.  Our wish is for you to go deeper into your soul so you may hear our reply; as our reply and connection is ever-present and yet is seldom heard by you.  The nights of no rest are often the best times to listen, as those are the times we are able to send a message for your clarity.

We ask that you realize the funding–all of it and all that you want– is “all ready” here for you.  This can be an exasperating message to hear, but we wish for you to stop “looking”, stop “searching”, stop seeing its “not here-ness”.  We ask you to breathe deeply, deeply into your belly and see the ever-present “all ness”, the “is ness” of everything that has existed, is existing or can exist.  It flows like an electrical current deep inside you. The staying in the mind is the blockade that you are wishing to “breakthrough”.  Allowing your awareness, your thinking to go down into the belly with your breath and dip into the current, is the practice and breakthrough.

Then, be still.  Feel the shift in your feelings.  Feel joy.  Feel love.  Feel the connection and be certain that is the breakthrough.  When the desire to know the truth of who you really are supersedes the desire to fill the “not here yet” then the truth of the funding that is truly fully available will greet you with delight.

We are pleased that you asked and we are with you all ways and always.

Note from Janet:  The reader runs a non-profit for a wonderful game to discuss and learn about AIDS in a safe and engaging way.  www.gamefortheworld.com

If you have a specific  question that you would like to submit to the Wisdom Writings, please reply below.  We will not post your personal information as part of the reply.  What great pleasure it is to provide this service 🙂   Love to all of you………..janet

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1 Response to What Do I Do to Have a Breakthrough in Raising Money?

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Beautiful – thank you, Janet!


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