What is the Financial Outlook for 2013?

Thank you for submitting more questions!  Wisdom Writings has answered a question recently submitted.  We thought the topic maybe of interest to many of you.  Enjoy!

What is my optimal career path next year?  What is the financial outlook for next year?



And in the answering of these questions, is the wish for relief, guidance or true soul desire?   For in the life of one now is the time for focus on the soul’s desire.  And though it sounds simple, it’s the journey few are willing to take.  For the letting go of certainty and knowing oneself has been a life long endeavor and indeed we are saying to take the fork in the road; the road to desire, the road of uncertainty.  The road that few journey on, yet many wish for the destination.  We do not doubt the grand suggestion we are making, yet the real guidance, the real power you are seeking is in this path.


We hear often the prayers, questions and seeking for clarity for the financial future and this we say is yours to determine.  This financial future is always yours to determine and yet the timing of it is much like the weather unpredictable and often hot and cold. The certainty that the sun is always in the sky and the color of the sky is always blue is the certainty that the grand life you see, envision and desire is always there.  Always.


We feel your angst.  We feel your trepidation.  We feel your ambivalence.  We feel the sadness in your heart.  Trust dear one that these are temporary much like the clouds on a rainy day and under these feelings are always the feelings of love, joy and generosity overflowing; always ready to expand and grow right with you.  Do not doubt the power of your purpose, the sanctity of your soul, and the brilliance of your light.


We are with you always and thank you for connecting to all that is.


With deep love always.

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