Easing Up into the Brilliance of You

It has been many, many months since I have posted a wisdom writing.  I have been doing a lot of inner work and listening to hours and hours of “spiritual, vibrational, joyful” stuff.  As I was listening to something yesterday, I heard loud and clear that it was time to  stop listening and start writing again.  So……..I pressed “pause” and off I went with my pen and pad to the backyard.  This is the first brief message I received.  Enjoy!

We love your brilliance, as we look at it everyday.  Our desire is your desire and yet we see the fulfillment of your desire with such joy and rapture, for we know that is why you are here.  The glory of knowing your magnificence is a glory that is beyond all emotions yet noted in your human body.  Yet the desire to feel and fulfill this knowing is deep and true in all the cells of your being; as it is deep inside all cells of all beings. 

For truly you are one with all that is and the oneness takes you across all spectrums of color, light, feelings and thoughts.  All of this you are one with,  so the attention on money, health, relationships; though important in your physical body, isn’t as potent as the attention to your essence, your vitality, your effervescence that is deep,  subtle and truly who you really are. 

We are blessed to have this connection and adore playing with you in the days with cards, cars or whatever the focus when you call for assistance.*

Allowing in the magnitude of brilliant love, joy, beauty and abundance is a focus that in and of itself is so deeply gratifying.  

So ease up dear one.  Enjoy this time of true awareness into the brilliance of you and all that is. 

* Note from Janet:  Recently I have been focusing on my connection to the “universe, helpers, guides, etc.”   I find it easiest to focus on this connection when I am playing cards with my husband or in the car driving with traffic and stop lights, hence the comment about cards and cars!



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1 Response to Easing Up into the Brilliance of You

  1. Anne Harman says:

    I love your writings, Janet! This is timely, too – I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer’s “The Power of Intention”. xoxoxo


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