Free and available to all……just like a wifi cafe

Dear One,

The beauty of the morning sky is a gift that can be enjoyed my many and all.  Yet the  many pieces of the morning sky are all patterned in a vibration that brings forth a vibration in you and hence the deep, soul-pleasing feeling that emanates forth from you.

The skill of listening to our voice is one that can be honed and will benefit you and many as you journey on this path.

Forgive all that do not see this path of vibration.  Allow them peace and go on to find many that are ready for the joy, glee, and beauty that is free and available to all–just like a wifi cafe.

We adore our connection and please write soon.


Janet’s note:  We had been experiencing heat, heat, heat for the past 3-4 days, but this morning the heat broke and it was a gorgeous morning and sunrise.  I heard distinctly that it was time to write.  I hope you enjoy this brief but inspiring message 🙂 

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