The Architecture for a Gentle Life

Gentle is a word most are not “comfortable” with.  Yet the paradox is the world is designed to be the gentle life you live.  The gentleness of life is ever-present and in you.  For the feeling of strife and perseverance are from a place of identity and inconsistent with the source of goodness, the source of joy, the source of love.

As you witness a baby in their full joy, there is only joy, only allowing, only their gentle nature and truly you revel in the feel of that gentleness, that joy.  For it is yet unencumbered by should’s or have to’s or not enough time for this frivolity.

We love you and love our continued connection with you.  Allow us into deeper levels of your life.  Allow the fullest, joyful, gentle life that is designed for you.  For we are the contractors and you are the architect; however, as contractors we have skills that you haven’t even designed for.  Allow, allow, allow and we will deliver in a way that is gentle and filled with joy.

We send you great love.

Janet’s note:  I looked up the origin of the word “gentle”.  The word “gent” originally means well-born or noble.  So I interpret this message to mean that we are all born into a noble and good life and life is designed to deliver that experience to us.  Enjoy!!!  

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2 Responses to The Architecture for a Gentle Life

  1. Betsy Chasse says:

    I recently have experienced the idea that to be gentle is to be weak. Perhaps it was because the person that new me didn’t expect to see my gentle side. I realized I had not shown it because every time I tried it was met with fear, as if they wanted me to be firm and strong- as if I coulnd’t be those and be gentle.


    • jaraedesire says:

      That is interesting Betsy. It’s why I looked up the original meaning of “gent” from gentle. I was curious to see what the original intent of the word was. Fascinating to me that is means noble which can be graceful and easy. Not a lot of agreement that this is the path to a “successful” life 🙂 Love you!


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