Syncopate the Beat of Passion

We can take you  everyday into an imagination journey that will delight all your senses, awaken passion, joy, beauty and splendor.  What greater purpose could there be in life?  For awakening your own passion and joy is a gift to all for all, but mostly it feels so good, so fulfilling, so satisfying.

Don’t you love watching someone who is fully engaged in their passion,  be it juggling or film making, drawing or coin collecting?  When they are in the passion, it is the vibration that sweeps you over, envelopes you, stirs you.  That vibration will arouse and syncopate that same vibrational beat in you.  Then you wonder, “What is it that stirs me like this?”.   Yet the ego has been trained to step in and compare one split second faster and its voice says, “I don’t have a skill” or “I can’t do that”.  For now learn to put your ego on pause.  Immerse yourself in the vibration of passion and joy however you can.  Look at art, watch films, observe children playing, whatever it might be and then allow–do nothing–just allow that fabulous feeling to wash over you and do nothing with the feeling.  See if you can just feel it.  It is you.  It is who you are.  It is you, all of you.

It is your time now to be who you are.   All passions are valuable because all have that same energy that frequency that will evolve your world to Heaven on earth, and oh what a ride that is!

We love you.  We appreciate you.  We are you.

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