When the Fog Lifts

The terms of evolution are now shifting,  and the beauty of the evolution is now the focus.  For so many, for so long the focus on fixing the resistance was powerful and forwarding but in this new time, this new zone, we offer a new focus.   The focus of beauty, the focus of joy, the focus of heaven on earth is one that will expand and create an ease, an opening, an even greater momentum.  Yet the momentum is like the ease of a fog,  not like the velocity of a flood; however the fog is all-encompassing and enveloping.

In this new zone even the response of “all-that-is” is softer, gentler, kinder.   For as you focus on beauty, joy, splendor and grace, we will envelope you with these qualities.   Oh imagine a life where the blip on the screen is a simple “off-day” with  resistance and the norm is the easy, graceful, light life filled with beauty and joy.

Oh yes, this is the direction of the energies and so now jump on the raft and go for a ride. Remember, you are no longer in a flood.  Now you are in the ease of a raft floating through the fog and your ability to see, sense and know that goodness surrounds you is ever-present,  and oh dear one when the fog lifts, you will see a splendor that will delight.

We are ready.  We are eager.  We are with you always.

Janet’s note:  For many years, it has been suggested that I allow others to benefit from their own private Wisdom Writings message.  I am now ready for that “allowing”.  Wisdom Writings messages come from a unique perspective filled with love, joy, beauty and grace.  If you have an area of life where a new perspective would be valuable, and you would like to have your own personalized Wisdom Writing message, please contact me at jaraedesire@gmail.com.   Your unique response will come within a few days and includes a 30 minute call to best serve the grandest opening and possibility in the message for your life.  The cost of this unique, personalized Wisdom message is $150.00.   I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve you. 

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1 Response to When the Fog Lifts

  1. Will says:

    I like this. Before I remember lots of poems and writings about the “river” and how quickly it will pull us; like it or not. Now it is more subtle, loving; an opening. Makes sense to me.


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