Are You the Playground Monitor?

Life is yours to enjoy.  We have arranged it as a playground,  and you are free to go wherever you like. If the swings delight you, go on the swings.  If the monkey bars call you, then go for a spin.  Often the sheer abandon of fun is one that is rarely felt by many of you.  Yet the very feeling of that sheer abandon to fun is the very thing that will open up the new opportunities and possibilities that you are so deeply craving.

Oh dear ones, we did not send you to be the playground control monitors.  We sent you to be the children of joy and fun.  Yet, somehow the control monitor role seems to be the one that has grabbed you.  We send a great deal of love always to you.

Today, look  around and find many reasons to laugh, many reasons to enjoy.  Even the smallest of moments for your laughter and joy are one of the most important pieces of the vibration equation.  Tune in to that feeling of joy, laughter and amusement.  Focus on it and allow the vibrational memory to become a conduit, a canal, a river that flows solidly through you at all times.  Watch as it becomes your life force, your strength, your “go to” place.

We will send many messages on the tuning of the vibration.  Allow the messages to flow over you and seep inside you.  We love you.  We celebrate you. We are you.


Janet’s note:  Before I did this writing, I asked for the highest message and clarity regarding vibration and tuning into this subtle field.   So I guess today I focus on those small moments that have such a big impact.   If you have a question about your life, a situation or wish to experience an expansion in your thinking/life, please contact me for your own personal Wisdom Writing message!   You can email me at or private message me at   

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