Is Heaven on Earth a Dot-to-Dot Puzzle?

Have reverence for the highest good; the good that is often unseen, yet pervasive in “all that is”.  Reverence for “all that is”,  is a life that you can settle in, that you can revel in,  that you can celebrate.  A life that is filled with reverence for “all that is”,  is the life you came to live.  So this day look upon the subtle, look upon the simple, look upon that which seems mundane, and find the reverence, the unique, the blessing, the eternal “goo” of goodness that is in all.

We ask that you elevate your happiness, elevate the joy.  Not in heights of energy, but in expanse.  Feel the joy through a connection to all and not through a heightening of your individual energy.  By expanding the feeling of joy through a connection to all, you will feel a new vibration,  a new essence in life that as of yet have you felt.

We also ask that you continue with the offering of writings for others.  Many want to tap into their inner wisdom,  and we can offer guidance through you.  For many, many souls are yearning to connect now and the time of play and frivolity with all is upon you.

We see great joy in the future for so many. There is a glee, a willingness to let go of many, many long-held beliefs.  The freeing of the persona, the identity to truly feel its goodness, its levity, its true nature is the next step in the evolving and integrating of these new energies.

Expand as you feel excited.  Expand as you feel joy.  Expand as you gain insight and that expansion creates a net, a web of connecting.  Again instead of reaching higher as if to go to “heaven”, reach out and realize like a dot-to-dot page that Heaven on Earth is here now.  The expanding of your energy will fill it all in.

We are so delighted.  Enjoy

Janet’s note:  I saw a  beautiful visual when they started explaining the difference between “raising” my happiness and joy energy versus “expanding” that energy.  The beam of energy that usually radiates upward when I’m filled with a joyous connection,  became concentric circles outward and the drawing in of a dot-to-dot puzzle, creating Heaven on Earth was brilliant! 

It is exciting and pure joy for me to do Wisdom Writings for you!  They are fun and so filled with love and joy no matter the issue or area of life that is in question.  If you feel called to have your own personal Wisdom Writing,  send me an email at or private message me on fb at   

Sending love to all of you!

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  1. Loved this blog. Thank you!


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