Special Edition: A reader has a personal question

  Today’s writing is the answer to a specific question that a reader submitted.  He lost his mother when he was young and has been unsettled and unfocused around a career most of his adult life.  The specific question and answer are what follows:  

Is there something my mom or my mom’s relationship can bring to me to illuminate my path forward? 

Oh dear one, in your question is the supposition that your life is not moving forward and we assure you that at all times are you evolving and in the eyes/view of a human you can not, “not” move forward….for that is nature.  Yet, through our “eyes” there is no forward or backward, there is only opening, evolving, much like the blossoming of a flower.  For if you look at a flower bud, do you consider it to be stuck or not moving forward?  You dear one, are your own blossom with its own unique time.  Wanting to be a water lily when you are a night crocus* is a sad thing,  for the beauty of both are radiant and add such beauty and diversity to all of life.

In regards to your mom, we ask you to take some time each day and just invite her to lead you, guide you just as a mother would or wants to.  Be in a place of joy, of acceptance when you do this asking and be not disappointed if you see, feel, or hear nothing for many days.  For this exercise and connection will recalibrate your ability to see, hear and feel finer energies.  These have been around you at all times and now you can begin to notice them.

Start to thank them when you receive them and truly take notice of them.  For the guidance and love of your mother is always with you and can benefit you greatly but your tuning into it is when the benefit truly begins.  For the finding of doctors** and certain work has been the direct “hand” of your beautiful mother who just glows in her attentive and endless love for you.

And now for the question of career.  Dear one, we ask you to let go of the grip.  Let go of that energy that looms like a dark cloud whenever you think about it.  For now, just keep your attention on this focus of connecting and feeling higher, finer energies.

Celebrate more, laugh as often as possible and find something fun or funny to put on your desk.  You could even start a collection.  Allow, allow, allow and be more interested in feeling your joy than in time: time wasted, time spent, time in the future.  For we assure you that your path is beautiful and is always beautiful and that you are precious to many.

Know your joy, live your joy and be well.

Janet’s note:

 * The specific flower names were a bit surprising.  I thought they might have  a personal meaning to the reader, but just in case, I looked up the “meaning” of each flower.   The water lily represents enlightenment and truth; whereas, the night crocus represents cheerfulness and a youthful gladness.  This reader had been trying to find the “truth” of who he is most of his life and lost sight of his ever present joy and cheerfulness that makes him a delight to be around. 

** Four or five years ago, the reader had a specific health issue and three doctors were pivotal in his healing.  He was moved to tears that his mother had a “hand” in finding these doctors. 

If you have an area of your life where a joyful, loving Wisdom Writing perspective would bring a freedom and an opening to you, please send me an email to jaraedesire@gmail.com or private message me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/janet.rae.  All private Wisdom Writings are confidential.   They will only get posted anonymously with your permission 🙂 

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1 Response to Special Edition: A reader has a personal question

  1. Will says:

    Oh Janet. How I loved your writing for me and I hold it dear each day. Thank you for this amazing gift! I love you! Will


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