Where Do You Find Your Value?

Our meeting is one of the great joys that we all feel and the gathering collective that awes in our connection is one that would melt your heart forever and ever.

For now we will guide the message to a story about the land of value.  For your struggle with value is one that is common to many.  We hear your disharmony with the word and its association with money.   We assure you that this “value” is a vibration and is a staple in your cabinet that you were well stocked with at birth,  and yet many have overlooked this notion.   For just as you reach in your medicine cabinet to find a salve and cannot see it, yet weeks later there it is; so it is with your birth value, soul value.  All that you ever came with is still with you.  For the preciousness of a baby:  their laugh, their joy, their curiosity, their beauty is always with you and is you.  Know that the way you look upon a beautiful, radiant child is how we gaze upon you.  Now we ask that like the child who is   vulnerable, open and allows the equivalent love to flow so fully to open your heart dear one,  and flow, flow, flow so fully.

In the moment that you receive love, a compliment, joy, goodness,  pause in that moment and open more to it.  Receive it even deeper.   Breathe into it.  Feel the goodness of it.  Be it a green light that rarely ever comes with the flow of traffic or the gift that seemed impossible; breathe in the goodness.  Breathe in the love.  Breathe in the joy and allow yourself to feel it deeper than ever before.   Remember dear one, all of this focus on joy, goodness, love is natural and is the uncovering of that which is always with you, part of you, part of every cell within you.  This is not efforting to put something in like adding something that you are not.  Imagine it like the  chemical reaction with baking soda and vinegar.  For the addition of your attention on the goodness, joy and love will cause it to effuse and bubble over with so much fun and glee.

We love you so much.

Janet’s note:

I have been in a course for three weeks about Leveraging Up my value (www.revrichard.com) and have experience many internal questions about my value.  I loved this response because I really see babies as so valuable just in their beingness not in their doingness and yet when I look at myself, often finding my value has been way, way, way more about my doing than my being.  

Are you interested in a loving,  joyful view of your life.  Treat yourself to a personalized Wisdom Writing!  Contact me at jarae@comcast.net  or private message me at http://www.facebook.com/janet.rae for more information.   

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1 Response to Where Do You Find Your Value?

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Thank you as always for your timely, loving messages – you are a treasure!


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