The Theme of Letting Go Continues

This story is poignant for me now. Life has been insisting that I let go……I am beginning to listen…….Love to all!

Life Heart and Soul

It seems many of the messengers are passing on the same types of messages and this one keeps coming to my attention over and over. This one comes from Carry Hart of Power Animals Unleashed:

Buck Says to Drop the Old and Renew! 

 “Every year, I grow my antlers anew.  And every year, as I become more powerful, this new power is reflected in my antlers and in my overall stature.  I am willing to let go of the glory that was and the beauty that I had previously owned, in order to open the place for the newness to emerge.

“Each year, I know what it is to let go of what was and grow from the beginning again, going into the apparent weakness of letting go of old forms in order to open myself to the wonder of the new forms that I am now fully prepared…

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  1. heartlightdg says:

    Her name is actually spelled Carrie, not Carry. I meant to go back and correct it before I posted it! It’s correct now so feel free to change it here too if possible. Apologies to Carrie!


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