Look Ever So Slightly to Your Heart

And now the message for the world is to release and allow.  For many of you are going through times that feel familiar and yet they are so tiring and loathsome with no end in sight.  We say, this is the sign of good things to come.  Allow the loathsome feeling.  Embrace it and accept it.  Breath into it and be not afraid of it.  Then look ever so slightly to your heart in these moments.  Allow your heart to embrace your loathsome emotion.  Allow your heart to embrace you.  Allow your heart to be filled with a new love, a new energy, a new light, and that is all.  Do nothing to change or fix that loathsome feeling.   Just embrace it with all the love that is ever so ready to pour forth from your heart.  For tapping that source is eternal, is you, and is your eternal nature.  Play with it.  Allow it and that is all.

Indeed……..Breathe and Love.  Breathe and Love.  Breathe and Love.

*janet’s note:  It has been many months since I have received a Wisdom Writing message.  I was awakened at 2 am with the urging.  I looked up the word “loathsome” as it is such a strong word.  It means disgust or abhor…….We are all so courageous to allow that level of emotion to now come forth into the light.  Much love to all of you!

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