Christmas Morning Now, Now, Now!!!

The world or realm of all possibility is available to all, at all times and is part of you at all times.  It is a great honor to be in physical and access that realm bringing it forth into the physical.   For the active doing is not your part.  The act of desire, the joy of imagining is your part, and the delicious part is the part of receiving, opening, allowing much like Christmas morning.

We can say to you that all deserve all.  Yet the immediacy of that experience would be dull and yet then there is always greater expanded levels of possibility. The journey is not to get the stuff.  The journey is the knowing, feeling and experiencing the magnificence of you now, now, now.  The magnificence of life now, now, now.  The magnificence of love now, now, now.  For in these time is life so vivid, so alive, so yummy.  Enjoy the “yumminess” of life as it gets sweeter and sweeter.

 Today there are no messages (for others).  Allow yourself to go deeper in joy and love and know that all is well.   Much of the intersection of energies can only be seen at realms that you currently do not process with your eyes.  We love you deeply and we honor every step of your journey.  Be well.  Celebrate each moment.

janet’s note:  I have been doing many hours of meditation and accessing the place of the unknown, the place of all possibility.   I also have been offering my Wisdom Writings as a gift throughout December…..SO MUCH FUN!!!!!   I have a list of people waiting to receive a writing, yet I have to trust the timing and delivery because sometimes the last in line gets the message first……trust, trust, trust.  They address the “timing” issue in those last few lines about “intersections of energies”.    Are you ready for a personalized Wisdom Writing?  Send me an email to and let me know an area of your life where you would like a new, loving perspective or let me know that you want to “spin the wheel” and let whatever Wisdom message wants to come……either way you will receive a beautiful, loving message that feels like a love letter from your soul!   

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