Wisdom Writings

I am so honored that one of my personalized Wisdom Writings was requested and shared by a fellow blogger 🙂 So now you know what its like to get a personalized Wisdom Writing!!

Life Heart and Soul

And this we will say to Dorothy. For our Dear Dorothy, treat these times with the reverence both of (Debbie and I?) you so dearly deserve. For now, view yourself in a mirror and send yourself reverent love daily. Dance in the light of the day as a morning practice and then begin the day with your list of to do’s.

We urge a special selection process in the discovering of your truest purpose in Panama. In this process, we urge you to be in a great space of energy. Allow your heart to feel its fullest and then Dear One, find a musical instrument of some kind: a drum, a flute, a rattle. Then play it with no purpose other than to feel good, to get immersed in the feeling good. In the afterglow of all those good vibrations, write dear Dorothy. Write, write, write. Listen to the wisdom…

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