Celebrate the Path of Trust

In the deepest place of our connection is your certainty, is your knowing, is you, and we love for you to see and feel who you really are. The disparate nature of the physical body to the soul is often the road for many.  Travel the road of the soul while navigating through your body.  Know, know, know your soul is leading the way.  It is trust in a way that very few ever experience in life.  So celebrate the depth of trust in your inner knowing that is being realized.  We love our connection and we see so much more.  As you journey on this path, trust yourself, speak your truth and open your heart.  All is well.

janet’s note:  This one is short and sweet.  I post it for those of you who may be on the path of “body” stuff……weight, illness, injuries…….I love the perspective of celebrating this path as it takes me to a deeper and deeper place of trust.  I love you all so very much.  It has been thrilling and fun to  give so many of you a personalized Wisdom Writing!!!   

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