The Dance of Life

Today’s message can be heard by many and yet the unity of the message rings true in their hearts.  For the glory of a life filled with love is the life so easy to dream and talk about.  We ask you to turn your attention to the glory of the depth of a connection. A connection to the dance of life.  A connection to the flow of life.  A connection to the “allness” of life.  For the separate nature still resounds in the desire for love; for it is one loving another.  Yet we say connection, the intricate webbing of all of life in and through you and you and you, it is this connection that is life.  Open to the deepest connections.  Open to the deepest of love connections.  Open to the glory of all that is as it runs through you, through your life. 

For the dramatic nature of a hurricane, the serenity of a snow-filled meadow, the beauty of a field of flowers, the majesty of a mountain and all the splendors of the world are connected in you, through you.  Know that our gaze upon you is as splendor-filled as yours upon the diamond-lit lake in the sunshine.  For you are our diamond, sparkling shining and connected to all that is. 

Today feel, remember, know and seek your connection to the depth of each and everything that surrounds you and each and everything that feels worlds away from you.  Oh the harmony of your world is splendid, melodic and awe-inspiring.  You are in the dance and led by the dance.  We honor you.  We love you.  We are you.  Amen.

janet’s note:  It seems that music and dance seem to be a common theme in the messages from the Wisdom Writings.  The visual from this message is stunning and the feeling of being “connected to each and everything that surrounds me and everything that feels world’s away” feels so solid, yet fluid……much like a web!   Many blessings and thank you so much to all that find their way to the Wisdom Writings 🙂

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1 Response to The Dance of Life

  1. John says:

    Nice thoughts as I start my meditation this morning! thanks…


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