Adjusting the Setting on your Internal Thermostat

“Letting go to receive” are words that are often spoken; yet, the experience of these words can be elusive and escape you.  For we say that the “knowing” of letting go and the “knowing” of receiving can be an internal bliss that one can use as a touchstone.   So we say find that within you, and feel the touchstone of receiving and the outpouring connection that comes with receiving.  For receiving can only happen with a deep connection… feel for the knowing of the connection and lounge and luxuriate in that connected feeling for that will expand in you and set a new temperature within you for receiving, for connection.

For imagine that internal thermostat is often run by someone or something other than connection and receiving.  So we say now set that setting to a deep, loving connection ALWAYS,  and watch the new happenings, feelings and growths that all grow like a beautiful flower garden all around you.  For we love to bring images of nature, beauty and splendor.  Allow these images to grow within you.  Allow these images to delight you– inside and outside of you and know that you are connected to all of it.

We love the new play of beauty, color and delight that you are bringing and know that it will benefit many.  So allow yourself to play with the beauty, with the color, with the delight. Enjoy the process. For we are with you in the delight and as that is our true nature….so it is yours to be delight, know delight and feel delight throughout your day and yes the humor of the word “de-light” (the light) is intended to delight you.

This is the knowing of our connection and the outpouring of a new thermostat setting within.

Enjoy.  Delight and play dear ones.

janet’s note:

I love the analogy of the thermostat and I had a visual of my hand changing the setting to “receiving and connection”.  I also loved the playful nature of the Wisdom Writings as I could hear “de plane……de plane” from Fantasy Island every time I wrote “delight”.  The connection to this realm that knows exactly what to say to me to make me smile and open my heart is strengthening trust and love in me………such a beautiful gift.  I share these writings with the deepest intent of strengthening the trust, love, beauty and creativity within you as we all bring forth a new expression in this world 🙂 

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2 Responses to Adjusting the Setting on your Internal Thermostat

  1. lara444 says:

    Oooh, another great one! Something told me to wait to read this until it felt right. This morning it was time. I love the thermostat analogy and today, I am claiming that it is I who set my internal thermostat on my life, not others or circumstances. As I turned it to the “hot momma” setting, I suddenly felt the trees outside my balcony reaching their branches to me in an outpouring of universal love. Very yummy feeling! 🙂


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