Scores of delight…, bing, bing!!!

Heed not the distraction of your body for the connection of our message is the elixir for anything that distracts you from a connection of the wisdom that so easily flows through you.

And in the matter of an event, be ready for many ideas to flow to you and through you.  For the gates of creativity are open, and we urge a connection to your soul connectors that are also seeking to evolve their communication and bridge. Be open to new connections and new relations that will forward this idea and event.

Now we feel your opening.  Now we feel your knowing. In the knowing is great power; is a great grid of vibration that connects to so many dimensions and creates the blanket of serendipity that delights you.  For that blanket of serendipity is our way of showing you that connections are ever-present and designed to light up your life like a pinball machine. 

The flow of the pin ball is often effortless, easy….. bing, bing, bing.   Sometimes it goes right down the middle with no obstructions or resistances and no satisfaction.  So allow the bing, bing, bing of resistance to bring in more serendipity and “scores of delight”.  We love to play with words for you!

We thank you for allowing this connection and we are always eager for more.

Go blessedly into your day.  All is well.

janet’s note:  My goodness so much is opening up in my creativity as I open up more and more to the Wisdom Writing messages.  I have a new idea for an event that I don’t think has ever been done…… stay tuned!!!   It feels deeply satisfying to experience this level of creativity and inspiration and I am “eager for more”!! 

  I love the visual of the pinball machine.  It never occurred to me that the more “resistances and obstacles” on a pinball machine the higher the score and the more fun the game!   I LOVE that example and I love the phrase “scores of delight” as the depth of the word “score” brings an immediate expansion in me and I hope for you too!  

much love! 

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