YOU are the Secret Ingredient

The poetry and beauty is part of your gift, as the validation is part of the gift of others.  We ask you to love your gift and watch it expand and grow, for the flow of words across paper is a gift that many can access yet the unique flow of you with us is the gift.  Think of  it as a recipe and you are the secret ingredient as is everyone else with their gift.  For very few view themselves as the secret ingredient.

For now we say allow more love to open your heart;  as the opening of one’s heart can be the greatest skill to learn in a lifetime.  Open your heart at times when it feels impossible.  Open your heart when you “think” it is open and then we say open more.  For that opening is a powerful receiver and transmitter that can bring and send great good much further than the thinking and belief you hold.

For now we say bring a big sigh of breath to all days.  Allow this big sigh of breath again in the moments of anxious hurry or belligerent questioning.  Allow this sigh to open your heart and witness the shift in you.  For we say that the forwarding of one’s self to a deeper, more open expression of one’s heart is a path that many choose yet few take the steps into the dark forest.  Now venture into the dark forest step after step after step and witness your heart lighting up the pathway;  for the brilliance of you, of all of you, is beyond the realization of many.  Allow a new experience, a new reality to come forth through the brilliance of  your heart.

We thank you for connecting.We urge a daily dose and enjoy the brilliance of you.

janet’s note:  This is one of the most beautiful writings that has come through in a while.  I have been asking about my “gift” and wondering if I am an intuitive,  a psychic, a medium, a channel and if so how do I access validation and specificity…….interesting response…..Never considered myself to be a secret ingredient in a recipe!!!  You are too!! 

I love the visual I got of walking through a dark forest and lighting up the pathway with my heart……I send and share these with great love and great intent for the highest good for all.  

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