Treasure the Treasure Within

You will go deeper and deeper into the place of knowing and much like learning to swim at greater depths you will learn to receive at greater depths.

Allow the gradual learning to be a journey of extraordinary growth and fulfillment……for we say the depth of a message has the potential to light up many lives and touch hearts that will grow for all of life. _____________________________________________________________

In the end of all that is—— is all that is.  The enormity, immenseness of this is beyond the imagining of the human mind for a reason……for your journey is to be here, to play here, to learn here and to grow here.

We love the journey of you, of all of you and we urge you to continue with your journey, continue with your growth and expand here in your body, in your life.  For we send you many reasons for growth and indeed with each obstacle comes a golden treasure within you;  and yet, it seems only a few have tapped into this treasure.  For we say to allow yourself to tap into this treasure and you will experience the unlimited nature of you….for that is the treasure of being a human being here.

For now we say enjoy.  We always wish you to enjoy your journey, enjoy your path.  Excavate your treasures one beautiful piece at a time, and treasure the treasure within.

janet’s note:

The first two paragraphs were intended to be separate from the rest of the writing as I received it.  The visual that “didn’t” come when I wrote “In then end of all that is……is all that is” emphasized the power of the next line…….the journey is to be HERE.  If we could see or realize the expanse, maybe we wouldn’t be as vested in being here and being all that we can be…….here. 

I love that we are here to excavate the treasure within us and all those obstacles are FOR us to access those new treasures, new qualities, new experiences of who we know ourselves to be!   I have been learning this, and at times embracing it over these past three years, as I have had the journey of learning how to walk all over again at 59 🙂  Strength, calm, peace, compassion have been some of those treasures that have come by staying HERE 🙂   Much love. 

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