Gold, Gold, Gold is Embedded in Everyone

We are always ever-ready for the opening of you to receive our message. The invitation from you always opens the gates and flow.  You are welcome to invite the flow all day, everyday, and witness the flow as it will allow a quickening of development that you have been seeking. The “asking” is of great value as is the recognition of “receiving”, and we love the phrase, “eager for more”.

As we go on our journey with you, we ask you to be still more in your days.  Seek the unplugged stillness and allow the growth of a new sensation to thrill you and fill you.  For the glory of who you are is here and always here, and the value of you is yours to discover, to reap, to allow to come forth in ways that are undeniable to you; yet fill the hearts of many.  For all are here to discover some piece of themselves that is thrilling, magical and beyond the glory of what they imagine themselves to be.  The authentic experience of this benefits all, all, all.

Allow this experience to grow throughout the world. For the time is so ripe with moments for the glory of knowing one’s self in a brand new way.  Gold, gold, gold is embedded in every one of you, and the more you discover the more it grows;  for the supply is endless in you.  Find the magical. Find the glorious.  Raise it high. Celebrate it as it comes from you to gift all.

The all of you are always gifted by the gold in all of  you.  For we love to witness the glory of all, and more valuable is the unique, individual moment of knowing one’s gold deep within.

We say “Go for the Gold” and watch the glimmer and shimmer reflect throughout the world.

janet’s note:  Wow this message is so visually beautiful.  I have been asking to receive more messages and the strong suggestion to get unplugged is the next step for me.  I am now removing my phone from the area when I channel these messages.  

I love the visual that the Gold in you, me and everyone gifts the world 🙂   Much love 🙂

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