The “EYE” of the Hurricane: The Source of Peace and Calm


In this day of snow and all things white, we wish to bring forth the power of peace that is brought forth through nature.  For the peace of nature is your nature and we wish to give you access to this.

In the matter of chaos lies the heart of peace, and the ability to be with the chaos allows the peace, the clarity, the true reality to come forth. Hence the “eye” of the hurricane enveloped by chaos, is the calm, is the one with vision.

For now we say you and all of you can be and are the eye of the hurricane.  For that power, that quality of peace in the midst of chaos is you, is for you and is for all.  We ask you to ask for the greatest access to this peace.

Allow time in nature both peaceful and chaotic. Look, feel, know that the power of that calm, of that peace, is you and is in you greater than you have allowed.

We love this opportunity to connect and now is your time to be the eye, the vision, the calm , the peace and know the glory of life and all that is.  Amen

janet’s note:  Wow!  It never occurred to me to see that the “eye” of the storm is the vision of calm within chaos and is available to all of us.  What a beautiful visual and metaphor.  I felt “called” to do this writing today and I am eager to do more this week.  I post and send these with the greatest intent and love in my heart to bring new levels of joy, love and delight to all of you. xoxo

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