Discovery Is The Name Of The Game

We say be patient.

Be thoughtful.

Be certain with a clarity that calls you forth. For the answers aren’t really answers. For the fluidity of your reality, of all reality dictates that there are NO right answers. For option, discovery and learning are the name of the game.

Enjoy the game.

You may not like the conditions your player has selected for the game; yet, we assure you that the success you are seeking, can and will be deeply, soul satisfying when you relinquish the need to get it right.

Relax in the day.

Relax in the knowing that you are always on the path of deep, soul fulfillment.

Breathe into that and indeed be led by the clarity of action and then be patient with all that comes before, during and after .

You are magical, wonderful and loved.

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2 Responses to Discovery Is The Name Of The Game

  1. lorian says:

    GREAT one!! I can relish in the uncertainty! 😊

    Lorian & John Roethlein
    Founding Managers
    Payson Farmer’s Market, LLC
    520-237-6525 cell/text

    Follow the ” Payson Farmers Market” on FaceBook


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